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                                                                   Welcome to Conjunction Enhancements
                                                          We are a league of villains on the USPS3 PvE server

                               All applicants are welcome to join us in game, ask any one of our senior members for an invite 
Our goal is to be as strong as possible in DC Universe, and to destroy some heroes when ever we can. 
There is a growing list of information in the Guides & Info section of the forums. Also any time you have a question, feel free to post it in our Q&A section. .

There are a few things that change once your toon turns 30. Ask an Officer or the leader to change your proper rank. This will assist in building well balanced groups.

Apply Here

Guild News    

Light at the End of the Tunnel

EinstiensRocks, Apr 27, 11 5:33 PM.
Sony coming up with a make good plan for PS3 DCU online and Free Realms players, also players might not have had information accessed. Woo Hoo!! Sony Post on DCUO Forums

PSN Network Down!

Langerne85, Apr 21, 11 4:40 PM.
We can keep in contact on here during the downtime. But this REALLY SUCKS! They're talking about it taking a day or two to bring back up. Check back here for further information.

New Topics Available

Langerne85, Apr 21, 11 3:49 PM.
So, I've been helping Mini0n, my rl best friend, with his Ice Tank. I do most of his respecs and try my hardest to teach him how to use his powers. He did manage to get a 97.1 DPS hammer, and 2 T1.5 pieces... boots and face. But anyways, During my respecs of his character, I've been scouring the Sony forums for information that would be useful to his respec and his play style. Found a couple good posts, which I've dropped in under guides and info, and updated a lot of other posts such as from lv 30 content... look around and comment on anything you want... the whole point of this is communication, and starting discussions and commenting and replying on current topics is the way to do that.


TheFallenSaiyan, Apr 10, 11 11:43 PM.
did we just lose all our toon's?, i tryed to log in and all my toons from the justice server are gone. 

Raid Calendar and DKP

Langerne85, Apr 6, 11 9:18 AM.
Skee Wuu yall,

Soon, tho we're still undecided when, the league will be implementing the use of our Raid Calendar and the DKP points that, in an attempt to further coordinate our efforts as a whole, and which will give us a much more structured way of Raiding, and Looting. Everyone should check out my post on the forums about it, and those with ideas are welcome to offer them, as long as its kept constructive.

Also check out the raid calendar when you can, there is a test event/raid on there, that I've altered slightly, it's still in test mode as I'm trying to find out what controls are available for its use, and having a overflowing roster of members joining this event, will allow me to see how we can setup groups and what options we have if too many people sign up.

But, what I wrote on there may end up sticking, if people like the idea. Otherwise, its just a test. But take a look, and try and get as many people as you know in the league to join so they can check it out too.
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